Vision & Mission Statements

Holt Crossing Mission Statement

All will learn and achieve individual excellence now

for success in the future.

“Learning for all!”

Holt Crossing Vision Statement

Holt Crossing Intermediate is a School of Excellence. Holt Crossing is a safe environment, where students feel free to learn, grow, share, and gain experiences to help them succeed. Parents are welcomed into the school and share in the educational process. They feel confident their children receive a quality education at Holt Crossing. Every day, learners participate in student-centered experiential learning designed to help them discover and apply concepts using critical thinking skills. Students are taught in ways that have been proven by research to be most effective. Teachers are involved in action research to identify and develop additional effective strategies for learning. Self-directed teachers work collaboratively on issues that directly impact student learning: determine essential understandings in content areas, create or identify assessments to use as data for determining next steps and interventions, set specific and measurable goals, read and discuss professional literature, and share student work and standardized grading practices. Students’ individual needs are addressed through systematic intervention based on measurable and observable data.