Click HERE for the direct link to the Holt Crossing music program for band, choir, and orchestra (BCO).

For 6th grade students ONLY - message shared through email on 9/1/21:

Hey Sixth Grade!

Super proud of your work at fittings the last two days. Your excitement and bravery to try new things was awesome! We hope you had as much fun as we did - this has us super pumped for class this year!

Some reminders:

  • Information / Sign Up Meeting this Thursday, September 2nd at 7:00pm at Holt Crossing

    • Please try to make it to this important meeting

    • You can rent instruments, have us check out an instrument you already own, sign up for band, choir, or orchestra

  • Sign-Up starting Thursday night, using the BLUE registration form!

    • If you can't come Thursday, you'll be able to start signing up beginning around 7:00pm. The link will be in the Google Classroom, on our Website, and will be emailed to you!

    • Please make sure parents, guardians, or caregivers are cool with you signing up for class.

  • We will be around to your classes on Friday to pass out information if you miss the meeting on Thursday.

  • You will need to provide an instrument to participate in band or orchestra

    • Our Buying Guide is available on our website, and this will be discussed at the information meeting on Thursday.

      • Instruments can be affordable!

    • Holt Crossing does NOT provide instruments to students!

  • Please remember that you can play whatever instrument you want!

    • If you were not able to try percussion, but still want to play, you can sign up for it!

    • If you did not get to try instruments this week, or if your caregiver wants to watch you try, you can come to an OPTIONAL instrument fitting after school next week on Tuesday or Wednesday from 4pm-6pm

We hope to see you Thursday! SO excited to get started.

Spring orchestra concert videos below:

Holt Crossing Green Group March.mp4

HCI Green Group Spring Orchestra Concert

Holt Crossing Blue Group March.mp4

HCI Blue Group Spring Orchestra Concert

Winter orchestra concert videos below:

Holt Crossing Green Group.mp4

HCI Green Group Winter Orchestra Concert

Holt Crossing Blue Group.mp4

HCI Blue Group Winter Orchestra Concert